Biological Atelier :  AW 2014 'Haute Bacon' Collection

Amy Congdon_Haute Bacon_04.jpg

The ‘Haute Bacon’ collection, is made using a technique called decellularisation, a process developed for regenerative medicine purposes that involves removing the cells from an organ, leaving behind the extracellular matrix.  This material has subsequently been treated using various textile techniques such as dyeing, tanning and weaving.  The resulting jewellery collection looks at taking this technique, and uses a bottom up approach, piecing together textile techniques and existing tissue engineering protocols.   

The collections suggest a new way of producing luxury fashion, combining textile techniques and biotechnological processes.  Pushing the materiality of fashion and questioning how we might incorporate new techniques and processes into its production both now, and in the future.    



Decellularised back and streaky bacon, bone powder and pearls




J.J. Hastings


This project developed out of the 'DeCellular' project by The Kitchen