Biological Atelier :  SS 2082 'Extinct' Collection

What role will textile design play in the creation of biological products of the future?

At some point, in the not too distant future, biotechnology is going to give the design world the biggest set of completely new materials and tools it has ever had the opportunity to play with.

As a critical design project ‘Biological Atelier’ seeks to explore what these materials and tools will mean for design; from the re-appropriation of textile skills such as embroidery, through to the new technologies that may facilitate the production.  The project considers the changing and blurring roles of the designer, the craftsman and the scientist in the biotechnological future – through the imagined fashion Atelier of 2080.  A world where materials are not made they are grown, where new luxury materials are fashioned from cells not fabrics.  What new material hybrids can we expect?

Anyone for an ethically grown ivory bracelet or a cross species fur jacket?

Creating intricate samples, trims and jewellery, the outcome of the project was a series of pieces from a collection produced by the atelier that explore potential new luxury and bespoke biological textiles.  Through crafting the materials, and the tools of the future atelier new production set ups and specialists are suggested, as well as creating new aesthetics for a biological future; ones that do not solely rely on the aesthetic language of biotech as it stands today.  With one of the most controversial sets of materials becoming available for manipulation i.e. our body, and those of other species, it could be argued that future fashion is grown from the ultimate commodity.



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Hair & Make Up
Krystle Gohel