Vættir is a poetic project that comprises of a collection of products that have been designed specifically for plants, highlighting their personalities and needs. Inspired by the Swiss Declaration of Plant Rights, which affords plants rights as living entities; the project is intended to be a playful look at the curious nature of our relationship with flora and fauna. 

Each piece in the collection is designed with a specific plant, or type of plant, in mind, looking at creating the perfect vessel and tools that reflect their characteristics. The resulting pieces are a handcrafted collection that seeks to engage people with plants in more meaningful ways. 

In researching this project numerous stories were collected from people who have had special relationships with a plant in their lives. The overwhelming trend that ran through all of the tales is both the plant’s personality, and perhaps most importantly, the therapeutic effect of caring for them in a society where it is all too easy to be disconnected from nature. 

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Project Team :

Designers and Project Leaders 

Jenny Lee and Amy Congdon



Aimee Bollu and Melody Vaughn



JJ Hastings



Danny Thompson



Daniel Loader

This collaborative project was developed by Jenny Lee and myself, and was debuted at London Design Festival 2013.

The project is now being taken forward by Jenny to new and fascinating places.